First Presbyterian Church
Sharing God's Love, Shining God's Light

Ministry Teams

The mission of First Presbyterian Church:

Love God, Self and Neighbor
Follow Jesus Christ and his teachings
Learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus
Share the Good News of Gods love in word and deed
Serve others in Gods world


Is made up of six ruling elders and ordained Teaching elder (minister). They meet once a month to oversee the work of the church and make decisions on behalf of the congregation. Each year a new class of elders is elected to serve a three year term.

Clerk of Session: Bette Hoytink
Ruling Elder: Roger Hoytink and Jack Wirch
Ruling Elder: Jessica Harrison
Ruling Elder: Bob Dinse
Ruling Elder: Barb Biggar
Ruling Elder: Kristina Mosley
Teaching Elder: Rev. Rose McCurdy

The Session of FPC commits to

  1. We promise to put God first in our lives.
  2. We commit to pray for the church and the Session regularly.
  3. We promise to support the decisions of the Session, whether it reflects our view or not.
  4. We will seek to serve the people of this church with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love

Administrative Team

Mission: To be faithful stewards of the gifts God has given First Prebyterian Winneconne

Role: To ensure that the Administration of Finance, Property and Personnel is done in a responsible manner.


  • Promote healthy giving patterns and provide accurate financial reporting
  • Assess the building needs and respond in a timely manner
  • Assist the staff in maintaining a healthy work environment

Worship and Education Team (WE)

Mission: The mission of the Worship and Education Team (WE Team) is to create as environment that will inspire people to become disciples in their daily lives and develop a joyous relationship with God, each other, and the world.

Role: To ensure that the worship experience is a place of welcome and learning for all.


  • Recruits and trains Lay Readers, Ushers, communion Servers, Communion Stewards, and multi-media operators
  • Writes procedures for Lay Readers, Ushers, Communion Servers, and Communion Stewards
  • Establishes procedures for funerals and weddings
  • Reviews calendar and sets dates for special services or events
  • Evaluates worship and makes recommendations to the pastor
  • Secures Pulpit Supply when pastor is away on study leave or vacation
  • Ensures that worship elements like candles, communion cups, and worship décor are ordered and available
  • Recruits and trains teachers
  • Recommends curriculum to Session
  • Orders and prepares curriculum
  • Recruits children’s Christmas program director
  • Recruits Vacation Bible School coordinator and teachers
  • Prepares Sunday School classroom at the start of each year
  • Supervises Youth Programs – Youth Fellowship and Confirmation Classes
  • Drafts and administers a yearly Worship/Education budget


To be ordained a Deacon in the Presbyterian Church is to be called to a ministry of compassion. As Deacons of First Presbyterian Church, we are committed to building a congregation of faith and spirituality. We have been called to serve our congregation and community following the example set by Jesus Christ.

The Board of Deacons will work together in Christian discipleship to minister to members and friends of the church, particularly to those in need, the sick, the friendless, and anyone who may be in distress, sharing with them the strength of our Christian community.

Deacons today are in the midst of an exciting frontier of thinking and action. The office of deacon, rooted as it is in Scripture, implies compassionate concern for those in need and distress. According to scripture, the office was created in the first century in order to deal with human need and controversy. But in this new age, such concern cannot be adequately expressed without facing some hard questions: Who are the poor? To whom are deacons to minister? Church members temporarily out of jobs? Welfare parents and their children? People with mental illness or physically challenged folks? Who will minister? The deacon? The pastors? The whole people of God?

These challenging queries have been with us since the first century when seven deacons were called by the early church. Since the church began we have sought to answer these questions faithfully.

First Presbyterian Church, Winneconne, was founded in 1850, and the Board of Deacons was begun in 1992. Today the function of deacons reflects a close connection between worship and service to neighbor. As our world continues to change, our deacons continue to model to the congregation what it means to be a sign of compassion and love in this wonderful and yet suffering world. In turn, the church becomes an agent of compassion in the environments in which we work and live.

Ask us how we may be of help—
We listen and care.

We assist members and friends by:

  • Praying for neighborhood members.
  • Contacting members who have special needs.
  • Referring members and friends to professional services when they are in need of specific help.
  • Assisting members with special arrangements when a death occurs.

We serve members and friends by:

  • Supporting those who are confined to their homes by visiting, flowers, and assisting pastors in serving communion in the home and hospital setting.
  • Distributing cards to those who are hospitalized or confined to their homes.
  • Distribute prayer shawls to those in need.
  • Serving coffee and tea during the Fellowship time.

Connections Team

Mission Statement: To share the love of God and nurture an atmosphere of unconditional hospitality where everyone feels welcome.


  • Create a welcoming spirit
  • Assess the needs of the community and world
  • Go out and meet or respond to those needs


  • Coordinate hospitality opportunities after worship/fellowship time
  • Coordinate and promote a quarterly community wide hospitality event
  • Promote, interpret, and report results of the four major mission offerings
  • Care for membership classes and membership
  • Advertise through newspapers, website, and Facebook
  • Recruit Greeters for Worship
  • Update church rolls
  • Support the Board of Deacons