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  • The Deacons at First Presbyterian Church are called to:

    To Serve as Christ Did . . .

    To be ordained a Deacon in the Presbyterian Church is to be called to a ministry of compassion. As Deacons at First Presbyterian Church, we are committed to building a congregation of faith and spirituality. We have been called to serve our congregation and community, following the example set by Jesus Christ.

    The Board of Deacons will work together in Christian discipleship to minister to members and friends of the church, particularly to those in need, the sick, the friendless, and anyone who may be in distress, sharing with them the strength of our Christian community.

    Ask us how we may be of help—

    we listen and care.                       


    We Can Help . . .

    We assist members and friends by:

    Praying for neighborhood members.

    Contacting members who have special needs.

    Referring members and friends to professional services when they are in need of specific help.

    Assisting members with special arrangements when a death occurs.

    We Will Serve . . .

    We serve members and friends by:

    Supporting those who are confined to their homes by visiting, flowers, and assisting pastors in serving communion in the home and hospital setting.

    Distributing cards to those who are hospitalized or confined to their homes.

    Distribute prayer shawls to those in need. 

    Serving coffee and tea during the Fellowship time.

     Today . . .

    Deacons today are in the midst of an exciting frontier of thinking and action. The office of deacon, rooted as it is in Scripture, implies compassionate concern for those in need and distress.  According to scripture, the office was created in the first century in order to deal with human need and controversy. But in this new age, such concern cannot be adequately expressed without facing some hard questions: Who are the poor? To whom are deacons to minister? Church members temporarily out of jobs? Welfare parents and their children? People with mental illness or physically challenged folks? Who will minister? The deacon? The pastors? The whole people of God? 

    These challenging queries have been with us since the first century when seven deacons were called by the early church. Since the church beganwe have sought to answer these questions faithfully.

    First Presbyterian Church, Winneconne, was founded in 1850, and the Board of Deacons was begun in 1992. The mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Winneconne is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all, and to be God's ministry of love in this community, and in the global family. We celebrate our heritage. We work toward the vision of our future guided by the Holy Spirit. We are called to love, follow, learn, share, and serve.

    Today the function of Deacons reflects a close connection between worship and service to neighbor. As our world continues to change, our deacons continue to model to the congregation what it means to be a sign of compassion and love in this wonderful and yet suffering world. In turn, the church becomes an agent of compassion in the environments in which we work and live.