First Presbyterian Church
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Welcome to First Presbyterian Church

We are a Community that seeks to choose WELCOME !

This means that we seek to be welcoming to all people; our leaders are regular women and men who feel a desire to put God first in their lives. We do our best to respect all people as Gods people no matter their skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, politics, or economic status.

To welcome others is a central value of the Christian faith, shared by most of the world’s religions. The call to welcome the stranger is so common in the Bible that one must wonder if it is so oft repeated because of its importance, or because we are so quick to disregard it. In this time of great global and domestic conflict, perhaps both are true.

  • In the midst of fear of terrorism and radicalism, we choose to welcome those who flee from terror and tyranny.
  • In the midst of hate speeches and hate crimes, we choose to welcome those who are rejected because of their skin color or their foreign dress.
  • In the midst of anxiety about our own economic prosperity, we choose to welcome those who come from distant lands to labor in our fields and our warehouses.
  • In the midst of political debates which seek to divide us between those who are born here and those who are not, we choose welcome, a welcome for all children of God, proclaiming one household.

First Prebyterian Church is an Open and Affirming congregation that offers Communion two times a month. The Lord’s Supper is on the first and third Sunday of each month. We offer juice in the cup and gluten free options for those who have a need.

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